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Tree Removal

There are times when trees are needed to be removed.
This can be for a number of reasons, including preventing damage to property from the branches or roots of the tree, problems with pests or disease, and situations in which the tree is endangering other plants or flowers in your green space. Additionally, the size trees grow to can become too much for some people so are removed because they are a nuisance. Our tree removal service can help guide you to the best method for the removal of your tree to resolve problems entirely. Pacific NW Landscape & Tree Services provide the best tree removal in Portland metro area and surrounding cities.

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Tree Trimming

The tree cutting services that we have to offer are intended to lengthen the life of a tree, trimming for either aesthetic or health benefits.
Trees can be trimmed to stop the spread of disease or fungus, as well as to remove any pests or insects that may have inhabited its branches.
Alternatively, trimming can tree cutting services can be undertaken for reasons of appearance or organization. Trimming allows a client to shape the tree to their preference, molding the tree to suit the style of their garden. Commercial sites particularly use trimming to keep the trees, and therefore their green space, looking tidy.

Stump Removal

A tree stump can be a real nuisance in a garden, getting in the way of development of land and being an unsightly irritation. But due to the strength of a tree’s roots, removing the stump can be an extremely difficult task. For stump removal, it’s easier to bring in the professionals. As a tree removal company, we have the machinery to dislodge even the hardiest stumps. Though some tree removal companies use chemical compounds to destroy a stump, our methods are not destructive to the rest of your garden. Once the stump is removed, the ground can be filled with dust and the lawn reconstructed to produce a floorless green lawn to be enjoyed by everybody. Pacific NW Landscape & Tree Services is both a tree maintenance company and can provide tree removal, depending on our clients’ wishes. If you’d like to know more about our Portland / Vancouver tree service then please don’t hesitate to call.