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So you need a tree removed, and you’re thinking about doing it yourself. Contracting a professional seems too pricy for a project you think you can do on your own. Before you start climbing, cutting, and chopping down your tree, we, at Pacific NW Landscape and Tree Services, would like to warn you about the dangers of pursuing this project alone. 


  1. Height 

While it’s evident that you’ll be climbing up your gravity and balance will drastically change. You’ll need to wear a harness, carry a chainsaw, and be careful with the steps you take. If the tree seems to be dead or dying, one bad step can have you falling to the ground. Be careful and remember the extra weight added by the harness and chainsaw. 

  1. Tools You Need

To prevent any damage, you need leather gloves, a face shield, glasses, sturdy climbing shoes, leather chaps, and a chainsaw. Never cut anything the chainsaw is not designed to cut, this would cause severe damage to yourself and tools. Lastly, remember always to have a sturdy rope. Rope will help you stay safe and protected if used correctly. 

  1. Safety Gear 

Ensure you and your teams are prepared for any falling items that can hit them—for example, tree branches, chainsaws, rope, and other tools. Wear your safety gear and never stand directly underneath the tree. Tree branches are deadly and can cause severe damage. 

  1. Tree Trunks 

Tree trunks are the most dangerous thing to fall. They have absolutely no mercy and destroy cars, homes, and more! Stay clear from any falling tree trunk or log. 

  1. Power Lines 

Power lines are hazardous! Cutting a tree near a power line can cause damage not only to yourself but to the people surrounding you. At this point, if you don’t want to die, please call a professional! 

  1. Weather 

Lastly, we cannot forget to take into account the weather. Oregon is very rainy, windy, and can change drastically in weather patterns. Make sure the weather will not affect your plans to cut your tree down. 


With all this being said, it’s best to call a professional. At Pacific NW Landscape & Tree Service, we offer competitive, affordable prices! Contact us today for a free quote! 

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