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We all know trees have a long lifespan, some living up to 3,500 years. So when do we know when a tree dies? What are the signs? Will it fall? If so, how do I prepare with the aftermath? Pacific NW Landscape & Tree deals with the complexities of trees for a living, and we’re here to give you some advice! 


Signs of a Dead Tree

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, there’s no about we’ve been surrounded by the beauty of nature. Tree’s, in particular, are astonishing, tall, and sometimes fruitful. Yet, they become a hazard when they begin to decay. The signs of a decaying tree are cracks in the trunk, peeling bark, mushrooms growing near the roots of the tree, and multiple branches with no living buds. 


DIY Dead Tree Test 

First, use your fingertip or something sharp and scratch one of the tree’s twigs. If your tree is alive, then you will have moist and green your tree is alive!


What if your leaf is not green? 

You’ve encountered brown twig; then you know something is wrong with your tree. At this point, your tree can be saved; you need to access the surrounding area of the tree. First, grab more leaves and scratch them to see if there are any moist green leaves. Second, see if any fungi or mushrooms are growing around the tree trunk area. Third, check for any peeling bark. Fourth, look for missing branches or leaves. Lastly, if your tree has shown symptoms of it dying, call a professional to take it down or access the possibilities. 


Can My Tree Be Saved? 

If your tree passed one or more of our suggestions then there is hope! Call your local tree specialist and have them create a custom plan to begin healing your tree. 


Pacific NW Landscape & Tree Services 

At Pacific NW Landscape & Tree Services we offer 24/7 emergency tree removal services to fit the needs of our customers and unforeseen natural disasters. We’re licensed, bonded & insured proving consistent quality results. We’re more than happy to help you diagnose your tree and see what options are available for you. Contact us today for a free quote (971)201-9413

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